Sunday, October 31, 2004

Does Anybody Really Care What Time It Is?

Sunday at the Commissariate. The LA Times doesn't care what the right thing or wrong thing to do in the world is, only Bush and his brain trust "have decided that rather than trying to expand their coalition and possibly water down their agenda, they would rather push for their agenda, even if it meant having to govern in a very partisan way," said Alan Abramowitz, a political scientist at Atlanta's Emory University. "Bush's strategy has focused primarily on energizing the Republican base rather than reaching out to swing voters." And shades of Isaiah Berlin, that dang well makes Bush a hedgehog. The sin here, apparently, is "partisanship" as opposed to "seeking the middle-of-the road" or "caving-into-what-your-adversaries-want." The article's author, Mr. Brownstein, doesn't quite tell us what went right or wrong with Bush's presidency, only that it will change nothing. Well, one thing will change: as others have posted, there are some issues floating around here that it might be prudent to answer. Answering such questions correctly is, of course, preferable, but answering at all is more ethical and moral than sitting around wondering where all those nice politicians of yore (!) went to.


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