Saturday, October 30, 2004

Was watching Ann Coulter debate Peter Beinart at Amherst on CSPAN w/ my teen daughter. Beinart, like Kerry, views debates as forums to bet folks to like you, so you are free to say anything without bothering to be accurate or truthful. For example, he claimed that Prez Bush alleged that Saddam was trying to buy yellowcake in "Neejahr" in the State of the Union address. Why is it that the actual words that a person says are of no meaning to the left? But here's the thing: Beinart, like Kerry, will say anything to get Kerry elected. Further, Kerry's supporters, generally, will blow in whatever wind Kerry's blowing in. If Kerry allies with Hitler's Germany, they support it. If Kerry declares war on Germany, they're for it. (Pardon the Stalin thingie.) When Bush did the steel tariff thing, he lost support. I was irritated. I guarantee that if Bush declared that he was no longer opposed to partial birth abortion, he would drop in the polls like a stone and he, like his father, would be a one-termer. This is a key, key difference between the opposing cultures in this wa -- I mean, election. The left really does not have anything much more than the will to power (I've never read Nietzsche, so forgive me if this is (or isn't) his). Literally. The Clintons come to mind as secondary examples of this. Secondary only in the sense that they are (finally!) not running for office this year. My kid surprised me when halfway through this rant, she said, "I get that, Dad." Made me think that there is hope for the world after all . . .


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