Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The nature of the race

Last night, on Halloween, I invited a long-time friend to share the task of giving out candy.  He told me that he had been walking the precincts of South Lansing (Michigan) on behalf of Kerry. 
At one house, he misspoke his mission to the elderly owner, accidentally saying that he was there representing Bush, instead of Kerry. 
The old lady replied, "If you're for Bush, get off my property."
A week ago, I was visited by two old crones with clipboards.  I was busy and brushed them off.  The returned the next day, during my preparation for dinner (roast pork loin, yum).  I snatched up a potato and the peeler and went to the door, begging their indulgence because I was busy.
It was a white lie; I knew that they were Kerry supporters (Moveon.org, officially).  But I didn't see the point in causing a ruckus on my front steps.
Their side:  incontinent Bush hatred;  our side:  misplaced consideration.
I hope our side shows up tomorrow.


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