Friday, December 31, 2004

This is Clay Aiken. He is very popular with a segment of the population that is not particularly moved by the trash that normally emits from Hollywood and the assorted minions of culture.

Mr. Aiken has attracted the attention of my soon-to-be-sixteen-year-old daughter. I was required to stand outside in freezing weather for two hours recently in order to get tickets to the book signing that Mr. Aiken was presenting. He was very nice and thanked everybody for coming and signed all of our books. At the concert, lo and behold, the audience was in a swoon and there was no sign of sex or drugs or rock 'n' roll! I wouldn't have been caught dead at this place in 1969!

There is something quite interesting going on about this guy. He is wholesome and popular.

What brings this up is reading about the disgusting Margaret Cho on someone's blog this a.m. (I will try to get his link). MC is obviously boring and obviously untalented. I don't just say this because she swears and is vile. She is untalented, rough-speaking and vile. But that has an audience in leftie America. And MC can skin those folks all she wants as far as I'm concerned.

But just like the bores who gave us "stream-of-consciousness" and "road/bus trips," eventually forgot to tell us stories, MC is not going to penetrate into anybody's consciousness who isn't already laughing at her "jokes." Before they arrive at the theater.

Mr. Aiken, on the other hand, in the best tradition of good entertainers everywhere, appears to be trying to (a) present an entertaining show, (b) learn his craft (or whatever you wish to call it), and (c) not act like a complete idiot just because he's onstage and you're not.

Mild stuff, to be sure. Watch him sometime and see what you think. And ask yourself why a cultural background which includes middle-brow acts like Clay Aiken wouldn't be a positive development for our sex-obsessed entertainment industry.

Happy New Year.

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