Wednesday, January 12, 2005


8:00 p.m. eastern. Finished watching "Turbulence." Didn't care much for the movie; it was on in the background as we took down the Christmas tree (last day for bulk "holiday" pickup). The plot was fairly conventional, except for the hero. Actually, I suppose that the hero is following the new conventionality: the hero was a heroine, or rather, the "flight attendant." The bad guy was Ray Liotta, a wonderful bad guy. His problem was a sexual one. He liked to kill and ra*e women. Our flight attendant saved the day and was met at the end by the wonderful, slightly effeminate British-speaking captain who "talked" her down. Right now, more in the foreground for its dramatic effect, is "24." Turns out that Jack was fired by his boss, a woman. The head of the antiterrorist organization. Now, what are the chances in the real world that females (a) run antiterrorist outfits and , (b) that the last, say, twenty heroes of hijackings were women? Now, I have absolutely nothing against pretty women playing important parts on TV. I have nothing against working with women. Or (except in the case of lawyers) for women. But, why must everything on television be so far from the reality of American life? What's worse, the men in these stories are all he-men. And they uniformly lose fights to these wonder-women. I can't tell you how silly it is for little Annie what's-her-name tossing a right cross to Ray's chin and him crumpling like Martin Short in the ring with Mike Tyson. All I'm asking for is a little verisimilitude. Men don't have to be portrayed tossing women in the air, or ordering them to their rooms for, ah, er, procreative activities. All I'm asking for is a little resemblance to physical reality. Women make lousy firemen, cops and combat soldiers. They can't beat men in fighting, running, lifting or any other muscle activities. I don't really care what Clint Eastwood thinks. Can our lowbrow art forms are be free from propaganda? It's probably not something that's going to turn the world upside down, but whatever happened to respect for the truth? There are three genders in the workplace: men, women and women who imitate men. Why is this a good thing and why is it being cloned into TV?


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