Sunday, March 06, 2005

Wrong on All Counts

Wrong on All Counts is George Will's typically brilliant attack on the recent Supreme Court decision barring -- as unconstitutional, not as wrong -- the execution of criminals whose crimes were committed before they turned eighteen. Not seventeen-and-three-quarters, eighteen. Not eighteen-in-maturity-as-demonstrated-on-a-test, eighteen. The criticism, while perfect, is also perfectly obvious. And by that I mean absolutely no disrespect for Will who, after William F. Buckley, can think like no other public intellectual. So. What are the questions that the bright lights of conservatism can't answer? I put it to you that the answer is "There are none." Except, maybe, one. How are we going to turn America around and return to the glorious, fabulous Fifties? How are we going to undo decades of abuse?


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