Friday, April 08, 2005

Can There Be an Objective Review of Pope John Paul II?

The Pope has passed into history, to a place he will be remembered with fondness by the, oh, I don't know, .05% of the Christians in Europe all of whom were at the funeral.  Across the rest of the great continent, secularists, Moslems, and political lunatics will forget him, or, if they remember him at all, will malign him as a "conservative."
For an American Catholic, the Pope's final days (years, really) are, at best, bittersweet.  He didn't do anything about the pederasts in the clergy (although I have to say, I'm not convinced that the problem was exactly as bad as broadcast), he didn't do anything about rationalizing the liturgy (we now stand up during the "Second Half of Mass" which, by no means, may ever be called "A Mass"; instead, it is "a Liturgy" or "our gathering."  Pukin' my guts out.
The rationalist bent of the modern age is everywhere.  There isn't a part of the Roman Catholic Church that hasn't been harmed by it.  Whether the next pope can do anything about it is open to serious doubt.  More likely, he'll change "he" to "he/she."
What's weird is that the emotives are all arguing that they are the "rationalists."  But when you come right down to it, their best reason for girl altar boys is that "we shouldn't hurt anybody's feelings."
Sad.  Truly sad.


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